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Vipp Shelter

When you say Vipp, design lovers from all over the world will instantly bring the most iconic pedal bins to mind. But from now on, this talented Danish company will also be remembered for something way more large-scale. Vipp recently created the perfect getaway in the rugged nature of Copenhagen. A minimalist shelter built of solid materials and at the same time showing off a clean aesthetic with mainly dark tones.

Also, everything you see inside this shelter is Vipp. So much so that the furniture, appliances, tableware, lamps, towels, bed linens and even the toilet brush breathe the brand's DNA. You can go and get inspired by the prefab concept in Copenhagen or just order your own little shelter for 485,000 euros. If I had a small piece of land somewhere in the outback of Belgium, I could definitely live like this.

// all images via Vipp //

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