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The 'i' in identity

Oh wauw, has it been two months already? Time flies when you're having an identity crisis :-). Turning 29 brought on a few big changes in my life, switching jobs being the biggest one, for sure. I'm slowly putting all the pieces back together, but it's a difficult process. I'm facing a bunch of questions about my future and how to tackle some major life decisions. Not that I have to make them all at once of course, but I can't shake the feeling that life's too short to linger all too long.

That's why I put together an inspirational moodboard with things I like or still want to achieve (or at least start planning) before I get to blow out 30 candles. Some of them are pretty much within reach, like getting a cat or finding more time for my blog. Other ones are maybe the result of too much wishful thinking, like that Australian adventure. But what the heck. Can't blame a girl for dreaming ...

// all images via Pinterest (except for the one with the cat - I got that pic via Cindy Chen) //

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