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A breath of Salt Air

I'm baaaaaaaaack. Well, actually we arrived on Belgian soil somewhere last week but with work kicking in, I haven't found the time yet to organize all my pictures and findings. That will be my October project :-).

What I did manage to scrape together these past few days are some pictures from my time at Salt Air, a beach bistro in the heart of Venice in LA. This place came highly recommended by the beautiful Sarah Sherman Samuel from Smitten Studio. Her taste is pretty much impeccable, so I just had to check it out during our stay. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. At all.

Salt Air is the kind of place where you take only one peek at the menu and you immediately start planning your next visit. Normally I don't eat at the same restaurant twice when I'm traveling. Fits into this whole 'broaden your horizon' idea. But for Salt Air I was glad to make an exception*. After a delicious oyster & egg lunch we had no other choice but to come back and try out dinner as well. Two weeks later we ordered the shrimp salad, the pea toast, the roasted squash and the string beans. And we are still talking about it :-).

So if you happen to be in downtown LA any time soon, remember: a short trip to Venice is well worth the extra few miles.

*Come to think of it: I made an exception to this rule earlier, when traveling to New York. We had dinner twice at The Spotted Pig - just too freakin' good.


  1. Now you will have to make a trip back for the lobster roll! It is the best! ;)

  2. @sarahshermansamuel: No problem, I'm up for thirds :-).


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