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Dream Living

So, I'm starting this post with a very tiny heart and a sincere apology for leaving this blog uninspired for over a month now ... Besides work I've been busy throwing housewarming parties, preparing for our Cali trip in September and meeting up with my gals for some much needed talks, cocktails and summertime madness.

Maybe I can get in your good books again by sharing the brand new Ferm Living collection. It popped up in my mailbox yesterday morning and let me just say: wow. Ever since I've started decorating our home, I've been a little obsessed with black & white geometrics, wood, pastels and golden details here and there. That solid mix is probably what attracted me to these pics in the first place. What can I say - Ferm Living, you never cease to amaze me.

Oh, and that round side table is without a doubt the most beautiful piece of marble I ever did see.

// all images via Ferm Living //

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