Welcome to my blog, or as I like to call it: my online playground. I’m addicted to lovely things and strongly believe that there’s always more than meets the eye. So put on your magic goggles and take this trip with me.

West coast wanderlust

A picture can be worth a thousand words. A bit difficult for me to accept because I actually write for a living, but it's so very true. I have a crazy amount of respect for those photographers who stand out from all the rest. Their lenses seem to always get the right angles, capturing these pure and stunning moments in life.

Lately I've been inspired tremendously by the work of Myan Soffia. She's a self-taught photographer based in Los Angeles, taking in the daily surroundings of La La Land, San Francisco and San Diego. In my mind, Myan has taken landscape and travel photography to a whole different level. She creates little boxes full of imagination, light and blurry vintage colors.

In short: the picture-perfect wanderlust while I'm prepping for our road trip through Nevada, Utah, Arizona and of course California. I get the feeling that by the end of September I will be as smitten with LA as this snappy shooter is ...

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