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Bedroom stories

I think it's about time I started to share some bits and pieces of my new home. I sure have been blogging about it enough (here, here and also here). We've been living here for almost a year now and it's finally coming together. Not that we had a lot of renovating to do, but the painting job was a real bore. That, and I also took my time picking out a few statement pieces to decorate our different rooms with.

Let me start by giving you a peep into the master bedroom. Or at least small parts of it. I can't really show you guys a before picture, but I can tell you this: there was a lot of beige, brown and wood involved, so we painted the whole thing bright white (even the wooden floors) for a more airy and minimalistic vibe. One wall is now dark grey/smoking black and I really love the black/white combination! Especially with that copper lamp hanging up there.

Stay tuned for more snappy shots of the house.

// print - OAKgallery // bedspread - Ferm Living // bistro table - Serax // copper lamp - Bloomingville //

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