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Sézane s'éveille

Ever since I found out about this Parisian label called Sézane, I'm obsessively counting the days until a new collection pops up in their webshop. Yesterday was D-day again. Every month the beautiful and very talented Morgane Sézalory launches a small collection which is being sold exclusively online. Now, as you can imagine, you have to be fast as a shark if you want to shop an item before the 'épuisé' sign appears.

So yesterday morning I set my alarm clock at 7am sharp and scored - just in time! - the most gorgeous sandals I've ever laid eyes on. I'm happy to show you guys in a few days, but for now I present you bits and pieces of this fabulous new Blue Velvet collection.


  1. Leuke ontdekking, mooi merk met originele stukken! Well done Jolien. Alleen mijn bankrekening gaat er niet zo gelukkig mee zijn ;-)

  2. @Stéphanie: inderdaad, très dangereux ;-).


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