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Before heading to Amsterdam I made a list of all the places and spaces I would love to check out. SLA being right on top. This salad bar is the perfect stop for a quick lunch break or when you're in need of a mean cup of latte. We took a "little" detour to get there, but if you like healthy ingredients in a big bowl of salad with a kick-ass concept on the side, you just can't go wrong here. The portions are very generous and if you can't decide between the suggestions on the menu, you can just pick your favorite ingredients and create your own salad. May I suggest mixing the falafel, sweet potato, avocado and cherry tomatoes? Great combo!

We sat upstairs at the long communal table, but there are also enough small tables for two and lots of nooks where you can read a magazine or hang out with friends. Also worth to mention are all the plants and herbs that make the place look all warm and cozy. I would have loved spending more time here.

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  1. Ziet er heel mooi (en lekker) uit! Ik mis Amsterdam ;-) x Leen


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