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Dries Van Noten, Inspirations

Ever since my internship for Flanders Fashion Institute - back in 2007 - I've built up a huge pile of admiration for our Belgian designers, and even a bigger pile of books featuring their style, career and greatest accomplishments. I'm particularly intrigued by the work of Dries Van Noten, because a) he doesn't do compromises and b) you just can't mess with the master of print.

I still think back fondly of the very first time I visited his Modepaleis at the Nationalestraat, also sometime during my studies. The triangular building (a bit like the NY Flatiron in miniature) still radiates a lot of his 19th-century grandeur. The inside is quite impressive too. It's like walking straight into a fashion fairytale, with innovative prints, embroideries and enchanting fabrics everywhere.

I can only hope to experience that same feeling again when flipping through this soon to be published Van Noten bible. It will be my comfort read, since I probably won't make it to Paris before the end of August and therefore will miss the 'Dries Van Noten, Inspirations' exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. My fashion heart bleeds.

For those of you who do get to Paris, here's a sneak preview put together by Vogue Germany.


  1. Oh! Een vriend van mij woont tot deze zomer nog in Parijs en is toevallig het neefje van Dries... tijd om nog eens op bezoek te gaan dus ;)


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