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The big bang

I had one through most of my childhood, grew out of it while in my teens, transformed it into the side-swept version in my early twenties and this november - a few weeks before my B-day - I decided it was time for the bang again. It was the mature and wise thing to do: my face shape is too long and a good old frou frou makes it much softer.

So I went to Snip Snip in Antwerp and a few pointers later (eye-level please, oh and not too puffy!) I welcomed my new haircut. Hiske did a great job, making sure my fringe fell smoothly into shape. Even during my nervous (and sweaty!) breakdown later that afternoon - when I bought this baby - my bangs stayed in place, not rebelling at all. Thank you Snip Snip!

Thinking about having bangs too? Here's some inspiration. I just love Alexa's messy hairdo, don't you?

Images: Convoy // Freya Beha Erichsen // Snip Snip // Everything You Love to Hate // Convoy // Pinterest // Convoy // Alexa Chung // The Thinking Tank // Beauty Fool


  1. Ik heb ondertussen ook al bijna 10 jaar terug een frou (recht, opzij, ik wissel een beetje af) en ik ga nooit meer zonder! Ik heb ook een lang gezicht en frou-loos staat me echt vreselijk! Waarom heb ik destijds ooit besloten om het te laten uitgroeien, het is me een raadsel! ;)


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