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Mrs. Moodboard

Second resolution of the new year: to get off my ass and one by one thick off the boxes on my very very extended to do list. The short version: finish the decoration of our home, start planning our long awaited trip to the west coast and last but not least: finally get my wardrobe organized (read: out with the old, in with the new).

Now this might come as quite the shock, but spending money on travels, furniture and clothes isn't all it's cracked up to be. Well, technically it is. But not if you're a control freak like myself. Call me Mrs. Moodboard. For every big trip or project I just have to collect a bunch of images, make detailed lists and prepare myself to the fullest. And there, right there, lies the problem these past few days: I'm still very much de-christmasing and at the same time work has me thrown back to reality. I'm telling you: I need an inspiration boost and I need it fast!

So, to get my moodboard mojo started again, I made a little round-up last night of a few of my favorite pics that are getting me excited and feeling kinda ready to tackle my list. I can already see myself driving an old El Camino around Palm Springs. Or at least sitting in the passenger seat, taking it all in ...

// Image sources: Pinterest, Convoy, Noirve Blog, Stylizimo, and some of the most stylish women out there: Andyheart, Songs of Style, Sincerely Jules. //

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