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Things that make me jolly

I've been wishing a lot lately. Maybe the approaching holidays have something to do with it. So in order to clear my head from all the shopping chaos, I proactively listed everything I cannot live without in 2014 (or simply don't want to - there's a fine line). The result is a dreamy mix of things for my closet, my house, my beauty case and my brand new bookshelf.

Note to all my generous givers: don't bother searching for the leather Elizabeth & James pullover. It is hopelessly sold out ever since Rachel Bilson wore the damn thing in the latest Hart of Dixie episode. Oh well, don't despair: there are still seven more items on the list. Go get 'em tigers!

// Karin plaid - Brita Sweden // Leather pullover - Elizabeth & James // Vase Ommagio - Kähler // Book Belgium's Best Design - Luster // Beanie - Urban Outfitters // Lipstick 'Pimpante' - Chanel // Kristen Bag - Alexander Wang // Earrings - Moorea Seal //

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