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On my snappy radar: Hyshil

Sooo, this is an odd-looking image: me taking all the time in the world to write and even decorate my Christmas cards. Normally I would have one piece of advice for everyone who has the pleasure to encounter me during my winter blues: RUN! But this year, I'm telling you, I'm the jolliest Jolien ever. And it's all thanks to Hyshil Sander, the sweetest illustrator/designer in the whole of Amsterdam.

I stumbled upon her handcrafted postcards by accident, but really: now I can't even imagine sending my loved ones anything else for X-Mas. Hyshil works exclusively with pencils and aims to digitally alter as little as possible. She offers a bunch of holiday cards this year, but my three absolute favorites are the ones with the stargazer cloud, the candy cane ribbon and the forest walk.

// Hyshil's illustrated work is sold on cards, prints and bags via her Etsy store as well as at a growing number of stores in different cities. //

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  1. Oh ze zijn mooi! Ik heb de mijne zelfgemaakt dit jaar!


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