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The Cesar salad

I'm one of those women who can kiss her lucky stars to have someone by her side who cooks a delicious meal every single day of the week - well, almost every day. I'm not sure how I snagged this guy, but count me as the fortunate one. I myself am not a cook. Never have and never will be. I have the habit of always finding something better to do, like eating the food instead of preparing it :-).

Before you judge: it's not that I haven't tried before. The good new year's resolutions were very much there (yes, I'm talking about last year): I would suck it up, learn and slowly turn into the greatest kitchen wonder the world has ever seen. I even bought the most fashionable cooking book out there: Model Kitchen by Belgian model César Casier. I figured that if I really have to put on an apron and cook, I might as well be looking at a cute guy along the way.

But alas, it didn't help. Exactly one year later I still haven't turned a single page, let alone tried one of the many many delicious recipes - they really do look luscious. Sorry César. Maybe I'll give it a proper go in 2014. Knock on wood.

// Btw: did you hear the latest? César is planning a capsule collection for Essentiel, my favorite Belgian brand. Now if only I could replace my shopping fixation with a healthy cooking addiction ... //

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