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Layer it up!

Take one look outside and you'll get blown away by an amazing color palette. Green + yellow shades in all their glory. This must be the first time in ages I've spoken so fondly about this season called fall. I'm a true summer child, even more so: I've been hating on pre-fall, fall and past-fall ever since I can remember. But I guess that over the past few years I've learned to appreciate it a bit more. There's been a shift in my own personal style, too. Scarfs, sweaters and even dresses with long sleeves have been taking over my closet. It also explains my ever growing obsession with all sorts of boots. Knee, ankle, studs, no studs ... the more, the merrier. With that said, I present to you my favorite items, perfect for layering it up this fall.

// Susanna ankle boots - Chloe // Blazer - Isabel Marant for H&M // Sweater - Helmut Lang // Bag - Michael Kors // Pants - J Brand // Scarf - Essentiel //

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