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Flat out: I love heels

I've never been much into sneakers. There, I said it. They always seem to look good, hip and stylish on other people, I'm just not one of them. Whenever I wear a pair, I feel like a boyish midget. But hey, no biggie. I simply try to avoid every situation where I have to wear the damn shoes. And I must say: apart from my weekly BBB/step sessions it works out just fine. After years and years of street style research I can safely conclude: women in heels are in the majority.

That is until I set foot in Cagliari. Fashionwise nothing like Milan or Rome. Everyone was wearing sneakers. And I'm not talking about the latest Nike Air with leopard print or a pair of Golden Gooses. No siree. Even women in their flourishing twenties & thirties were covering up their feet in Reeboks and Fila's straight from the nineties. I was just about to give up and claim myself as the most stylish woman in town when I came across this really cool concept store, Donne. Its post-industrial space showcases exclusive labels (Prada, Azzedine Alaia ...), perfumes, unique flower creations AND high heels everywhere! Donne, from now on you are my safe haven in Cagliari.

Oh, and here's a tip for all the local women: they also sell ballet flats and Golden Gooses. May want to give it a try.

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