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All the buildings in New York

I'm in my sketching phase. Not that I'm producing any doodles of my own (don't have a single arty bone in my fingers), but lately I am constantly on the lookout for cool drawings. Same story for my Christmas cards actually (more about that soon).

Sooo when this amazing project by James Gulliver Hancock popped up on my snappy radar the other day, I was completely over excited. Drawings! New York!! All in one!!! This talented Australian artist/illustrator based in Brooklyn took it upon himself to sketch all the buildings in New York. No kiddin', all of them. You can recognize the Flatiron, the public library and - hands down one of my NY favorites - the Ace Hotel. Even though the illustrations at first sight look plain and simple, James captures the city's cosmopolitan vibe very well. It's safe to say I'm even more in love with New York right now.

// You can still get your hands on a copy of 'All the Buildings in New York' via Amazon. It portraits a bunch of buildings not yet featured on James' blog. A must for all you NY fans. //

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