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The perfect saturday

Bloggers and their camera ... try to take their precious away from them and they'll haunt you down like an animal. It's because we all know that inspiring images are important, whether you use it to create a unique atmosphere or to express a certain story or experience. We don't just strive to inspire, we also want to be inspired at every chance we get. In my case, I often turn to Kinfolk, easily my current favorite reading material. This Portland-based magazine wows with stunning photography and warm, authentic content. Every single page is a treat.

Today, I stumbled upon this particular video on the website. It celebrates slow Saturdays by appreciating the little things in life. Good food, great company ... 'nuff said. Just kick back and enjoy the weekend.

Oh, make also sure to check out the ninth issue of Kinfolk magazine. The theme is totally in line with this video: make the most of your days off.

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