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Right up my alley

Ah, Mediterranean bliss. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when I was still enjoying my holiday in Cagliari. It was the first time I took these orange in-your-face Noë pumps for a spin, so we went on a quiet stroll in the alleys near the hotel (you know, in case my feet would be killing me like instantly). I was lucky: they didn't. I also wore my favorite blouse for this season, the Filomene by Essentiel. I love everything about it. The shape, the print, the black shoulders, it's just perfect. I know it's not the first time I expressed my affection for this particular brand, and rest assured: it will definitely not be the last.

iWear: trousers - Object // top - Essentiel // shoes - Noë // shades - Ray Ban // bag - Essentiel // bracelet - Mer du Nord

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  1. Die t-shirt had ik ook al gespot, en aan ziet die er nog beter uit dan ik verwachtte! Hun zwart witte printjes zijn altijd favorieten bij mij. En za-li-ge broek. Die wil ik.


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