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On the road

I don't usually fall in love with girly dresses in pastel colors, but Laura Van Neygen won me over ever since her previous collection 'Les filles du jardin'. Clean cuts, subtle details and a vintage feel - let me tell you: for a 28-year old upcoming fashion designer this chick is doing everything right.

However, I must say, I was thrilled to discover that her latest collection has a bit more panache. Each dress looks super sleek and seems to have its own personality. I really like the quality fabrics, strong colors and the carved structure. Another plus: this time Laura followed the best motto ever - maximize your wardrobe, minimize your luggage. For those of you who want to travel light: you can flip each dress inside out and create a new one. For me personally, THE best invention since, well ... ever. I have a feeling that Jack Kerouac - Laura's biggest inspiration for this collection - would have been very proud.

// Laura is part of the designer collective maison des histoires. This weekend they will present their combined work at Mode Parcours #13 in Brussels. It's all there: fashion, photography, jewelry, shoes and product design. //

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