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Cry baby

If you're a child of Generation Z, you've probably never seen Johnny Depp play anything else than a crazy drunk pirate. But let me tell you this: once, way back in 1990, he starred as a teen rebel in the cult classic Cry-Baby. Long story short: preppy girl is tired of being a 'square' and falls head over heels with a sexy badass (Depp, of course). It's all about the fifties, forbidden love, rockabilly music and fast cars, people.

Now if you haven't seen the movie (yet), I suggest you start by taking a look at the epic For Love and Lemons summer/pre-fall collection. This LA-based label captures the fifties flair so well in one hell of a campaign. Think: leather overalls, crop tops, lace cut out dresses and dark florals. Model Daria Pleggenkuhle IS the new Allison Vernon-Williams. For real.

// all images via For Love and Lemons //

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