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A few weeks ago I pretty much claimed that Leuven doesn't have any inspiring interior shops. At least not of the same caliber as Piet in Ghent. Well, I take it all back. Because there is one place (still one though) where your Scandinavian heart will skip a beat. Design District is the name.

One particular eyecatcher in the shop is the String system by Swedish architect Nils Strinning. Ever since this classic bookcase appeared on my snappy radar - waaaay back when I was still in college and didn't have the money to invest - I vowed to buy one later down the road. And so now I did.

The coolest thing about this shelving system, is that you're totally in charge of how it will look in the end. You can even rebuilt, reinvent and transform it whenever you're tired of the original setup. The panels are available in white, grey and black. So are the shelves and cabinets, but you can also choose between different kinds of wood, like birch, oak and walnut (my favorite). After careful consideration we went for the all white version with one shelf accent in walnut. Modern and chique, just the way I like it. I will show you guys the result within a few weeks but in the meantime, here's a selection of some of the best-looking Strings out there. A mix of pockets and entire systems.

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  1. Ben nooit binnen geweest in Design District (ook wel pakken boven mijn studentenbudget natuurlijk), maar misschien had ik het toch moeten doen! Deze rekjes zijn echt zalig!

  2. Het is inderdaad wel een dure winkel, maar je vindt er ook wel betaalbare deco spullen. Misschien toch eens binnenspringen dan :-)!


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