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Say hi to Piet

As you know, I'm on the hunt for some unique newbies to decorate my home with. And what better place to do so than chez Piet? This original concept store in Ghent claims to be a true mood shop and I can't argue with that. As soon as you enter, you get an inspiration kick that will last an entire day.

At Piet, everything is about perception. I really like how owner Christophe Verbeke combines so many high-end brands and exclusive accessories in one accessible setting. It's nice to casually bump into heavyweights, such as Martin Margiela, Pieter Stockmans and my personal favorite Tom Dixon (COPPER SHADE LAMP, people), but you also get to discover smaller and upcoming brands. Mikabarr, I might add, is a real bonus for Piet. This textile design studio based in Tel Aviv sells hand-dyed origami cushions, plaids and lamps. I want them ALL.

Important message to the city of Leuven: you need to keep up your game. Really.

// all images via Piet //

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