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Lore Van Keer, I do

I'm getting hitched. Without the wedding. But with the ring. I know: high maintenance, right ;-)? Let me explain: I don't really see the need to get married right now (or maybe ever, who knows), but I do want a ring around my finger. Just because. Why should non-marrying women be denied a valuable piece of jewelry, for the sole reason that they don't spell out the words: I do? Ladies, I know you feel me.

Now, to prove to you I'm not thát high maintenance, I'm even helping my boyfriend find the perfect ring for our 5-year "anniversary". Maybe this AH-ma-zing selection will put him in the right direction. Lore Van Keer, if I finally get my 'I-don't-want-to-get-married-but-I-do-want-the-bling'-ring, it will definitely wear your name.

To be continued ...

// all images via Lore Van Keer //

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