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Winter flash forward

I know, it's 30 °C outside but I just couldn't help myself browsing through the brand new Essentiel collection. It truly makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. So, Mister Winter, can we speed things up a little?

Over the past decade I've grown very fond of this ab fab Belgian brand. I can vividly remember my first Essentiel purchase ever. It was a simple white top with lace details. I still have it lying around somewhere in my closet, even though now - almost ten years later - it probably looks like a crop top on me.

Luckily the new collection fits me like a glove (you can take my word on it: last weekend I caved and it's not even mid-August yet). This season my heart beats for their geometric prints, neoprene skirts and clean cuts. And don't even get me started about that spectacular night blue jacket. Hard to imagine that Inge Onsea and hubbie Esfandiar Eghtessadi once launched Essentiel as a plain T-shirt label. Guess we all grew up a bit along the way ;-).

// all images via Essentiel //

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