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New in my closet: Popcph

Whenever I'm in Ghent I make a point of visiting Rewind, a really cool clothing shop in the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat. Last Saturday I wasn't actually allowed to buy new clothes (a rule I set myself at the beginning of the month). I was on the hunt for some unique interior goodies and that was that. But - yes, there is a but - at times like these, I have this little stylish devil in high heels popping up on my shoulder, begging me to enter the store in question. So, what could I do? You don't want to mess with demonic powers, right?

Rewind sells so many Scandinavian and French labels that make my heart go boom, bOOm, BOOM. Think: Sessùn, IRO and my new favorite label, hands down, POPcph. This Danish brand was born in the midst of extraordinary parties, styles and experiences - hence their motto 'We do parties & clothing'. Every collection is made out of high quality fabrics and simple basics, but always with an edgy twist.

My catch that day: some cupro/silk cropped trousers and a gorgeous asymmetrical black dress with copper zipper.

You can find mine and all other POPcph looks here.

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  1. Wauw, mooie collectie hebben ze inderdaad!


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