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My ex boyfriend

Let's get something straight here: I'm not a firm believer of getting back together with an old lover. Nor am I the biggest fan of buying secondhand fuel for my closet or used furniture to decorate my home. But - there is one big but - that snobbish attitude of mine is slowly becoming part of the past. Why is that, you ask? Well, yesterday I accidentally discovered My ex Boyfriend. The phrase 'old furniture for new people' suddenly sounds very appealing to me.

This new webshop with treasures from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties is the brainchild of Benjamin Mattelé & Kat Vereeken, a creative couple from Brussels. They decided to launch their online store for one reason only: the size of their apartment simply couldn't keep up with their passion of buying rare beauties at flea markets, thrift shops and design fairs. See something you like? Click the 'I want' button and fingers crossed that piece will be yours soon.

As for me, I'm finally gonna get me some of those Eames chairs!

// all images via My ex Boyfriend //


  1. Heb ze toevallig ook pas ontdekt, mooie spulletjes he! En ik wil ook zo'n stoel, die rocker chair, wauw!

  2. This is a pretty interesting site! Thanks for the share.

    wasting time wisely

  3. @Hannelore: I want them all ;).
    @Claire: you're welcome,nice to meet another fan of old treasures!


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