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Travel in style

The end of July my boyfriend and I will be traveling to Cagliari, the capital of the gorgeous island Sardinia. Seeing the week before we will be covered in paint (we're moving July 17th!), it will be a super relaxed vacation. Slow travel, with lots of delicious food, cocktails, sandy beaches and long walks in the sun. 
Since I've been dreaming about this trip for a few months now, here are a few of my favorite travel items. In a perfect little world they should all go in my suitcase, but up until now I've only collected the T-shirt and the sandals. But then again, I still have a few more weeks left ;-).

T-shirt & skirt - Comptoir des Cotonniers // Bikini - Princesse Tam Tam // Trousers - Theyskens' Theory // Bangle - Diamanti Per Tutti // Sandals - Gaudi // Bag - Clio Goldbrenner

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