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Snappy shots: Stephanie Somebody

Let me introduce to you: Stephanie Somebody. Stephanie who? Stephanie Somebody aka Instagram sensation (with over 123 000 followers and counting), stylist, designer, photographer and wishful thinker. Anything else? Oh yes, she's an Aussie living in Melbourne and therefore captured my attention within one blink. Visiting Australia is right on top of my bucket list for a while now, but I was really surprised to discover there are so many cool interior and design places. Not by actually flying 10 000 miles, but just by browsing through Stephanie's Instagram account. I kid you not: take a look and you'll get my point. Everything about her shots just rings honest, pure and incredibly inspiring. I mean, who needs the Great Barrier Reef when you've got hip shops, cozy coffee bars and handmade treasures for the home?

Before ordering my top 3 favorite pics from her own Etsy store, I asked Stephanie Somebody a few snappy questions. Here we go!

Can you describe your style? What makes it so unique?
That's tricky! I think what I'm trying to achieve is somewhat timeless, something with history that is also very now. Natural, bright and clean with a refined colour palette. I think what it all comes back to is I love to create beautiful imagery and spaces with a human connection.
How about Australia? Is it a home for creative minds?
Australia is full of incredible creatives. So many makers and designers doing their own thing and doing it so well. The community is very connected with lots of collaborations happening seamlessly locally and inter-state.

How did the idea of selling your prints on Etsy come about?
I received quite a few requests to buy my prints. I was so flattered at the idea that someone would actually want one of my photos in their home, so I started the Etsy store with a limited series.

Where do you find your inspiration?
It might seem cliché, but I do get a lot of inspiration from nature and not so much in the usual sense. For example: I'm interested in how the elements deteriorate a building over the years or how a plant finds a way to grow out of the cracks of a brick wall.
What are your favorite hotspots down under?
If you can't already tell from my IG feed, I love being in café spaces and I'm very much a Northsider. I spend most of my time in Northcote, Collingwood and Brunswick. My local area is full of the most amazing craftsmen, florists, cafés, artists and stores. There are also lots of boutique pockets all over Melbourne.

Over the past couple of years you've built up a huge following through social networking. What's your key to success?
Authenticity and sharing. I've tried to share as much as I can and always strived for consistency and quality in my photos.
Be honest: Instagram, is it an addiction?
I'm totally addicted to Instagram. For me it's beyond the point of denying it anymore!

Do you feel young creatives can make it without social media today?
I definitely think it's particularly important for self promotion and if done well by remaining brand relevant, it can be a very powerful tool. But you can't rely on social media alone...

What are your future plans?
I hope to work on many more collaborations with photographers, magazines and brands. I also have a bit of product development in the works and will also be hosting a few more workshops. I don't really know what the future holds and that's pretty exciting!
// all images via Stephanie Somebody //

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