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On my snappy radar: Sennes

Earlier this year I wrote an article for Kwintessens about four Belgian accessory genies. One of them was Nele De Block, textile designer and also the creative brain behind her own label SENNES. She makes gorgeous (and practical!) handbags, all made out of high quality wool from the sheep that live in the Serre de Estrela, the highest mountain of Portugal. Very ecological and all.

The lady sure knows where to get her inspiration. She is constantly traveling back and forth between Belgium and Portugal. So it's only natural that her latest collection is the perfect excuse for every globetrotter to get around in style. I certainly wouldn't mind adding one of these babies to my bag collection...

Oh, and the most important thing: you can find SENNES at the concept store Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp.

// all images via SENNES //


  1. Wat mooi! En een Portugese connectie is altijd een motivatie voor mij om iets te kopen haha, kwestie van mijn lievelingsland wat financieel te steunen. (En geld uitgeven maar goed praten haha)

    1. net terug van de deelname met SENNES aan een grote beurs hier in Lissabon,waar ook de Portugezen bewust kiezen en investeren in MADE IN PORTUGAL


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