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Cagliari crushing

Normally we would be on our way to Sardinia today, ready to explore its gorgeous capital Cagliari. But faith decided otherwise... Due to an illness in the family we will be postponing our trip for a few months, maybe even for a year. That's also one of the reasons why it's been so quiet up on the blog (and the fact that my elbows are covered in moving boxes and paint). Sorry guys!

Now, you mustn't worry about me. I've got my own little therapy session going on here: editing a beautiful Cagliari shot by Ivan Sgualdini with the iPhone app Over. I used The Fresh Exchange Pack from the talented Megan Gilger. Her doodling style is pretty awesome and I've been waiting for the right moment to pimp a picture with one of her custom hand lettered phrases. Do you like the result?

// More about Megan Gilger's custom typo on Over //

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  1. Jolien, nog eens veel sterkte voor jullie! Ik duim dat je die mooie bestemming binnenkort helemaal zelf kan bewonderen! Dikke knuffel, Leen -x-


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