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Serie 20

Every now and then an original idea or a cool collection pops up in my mailbox. The other day I was lucky: I received both in one message and got introduced to Serie 20. This brand new webshop offers an eclectic mix of handcrafted items with a subtle vintage touch. Leading lady behind the collection is Belgium-based fashion designer Anne-Sophie de Campos Resend's (wow, that's a mouthful). Her motto? Refeel and reinvent.

If you see something you like, be quick about it. As the name of the collection suggests: every serie is limited to a maximum of 20 pieces. My favorite item is without a doubt the natural dyed blue bag. It is called Madeira and really, I can see myself carrying it around at some exotic island.

Here's a direct link to the webshop.

// all images via Serie 20 //

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