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Make-up lessons by MAC

Let's talk about make-up, something I absolutely know nothing about. Very convenient when you're invited to a MAC Technique workshop with some of the biggest beauty addicts in the country. Typical me. Don't get me wrong: it's not that I haven't seen a BB cream from up front before. I even put on mascara and lip gloss on a daily basis. A girl's gotta look her best, n'est-ce pas? I also try to invest my money in quality products. I have a set of Chanel nail polish and lipstick, I always buy my clarifying powder from Clinique and I clean my skin with Shiseido. But as far as make-up techniques go, I'm a total beauty novice. Did you know that you cannot EVER put foundation around your eyes? The MAC team was pretty clear about that. The key word is, drum rolls please: CONCEALER.

Other valuable lessons I penned down:
- there are different kinds of brushes for a variety of effects (not just the two I own in my make-up bag).
- if you want a deeper coverage, put on your foundation with a synthetic fibre brush and make small, dabbing movements.
- you have to get at least two different colors - a light and a darker one - to blend into one killer look.

If you have other make-up related questions: shoot. Maybe this new expert can provide you with a satisfying answer ;-).

// Thanks to Mademoiselles de Mode for this lovely evening //

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