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Do you read me?!

During my last trip to Berlin I discovered this amazing little bookstore, Do you read me?!, in the heart of the Mitte district. I advised my fellow travelers to take a seat, because I knew this was going to take a while. When I was younger, I could wander for hours in the public library, deciding which book cover attracted me the most. Afterwards I would spend even more hours reading, dreaming and imagining how the main characters would look like. Today, my interest has shifted into magazines. I simply can't find the time anymore to read an entire novel from A to Z. And the good thing about magazines is that you can easily flip through them when you don't have hours and hours to kill.

Now, getting back to this cool bookstore: Do you read me?! is a great place to hunt for international and contemporary magazines, covering topics from art, fashion and design to photography and architecture. Due to a lack of space, every corner - every inch of the walls and floor - is used to store these rare treasures.

Take a look at the three magazines I picked up, after careful consideration and many many flip throughs:

The Gentlewoman: this fabulous publication focuses on personal style and the way women actually look, think and dress. I especially enjoyed reading the interview with Isabel Marant, in my mind one of the most talented designers out there.

Cereal: by far one of my favorite magazines. EVER. If you're an adventurous foodie, you should read it too ;-). In this second volume you travel to Berlin, Seoul and the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales. Of course, I couldn't help myself posting a picture of some fresh roasted coffee beans, but the snapshots of the long pepper are also pretty amazing.

Highsnobiety: from sneaker love to Boys Noize, this sixth issue of Highsnobiety is all about street culture. Still on my mind: Raf Simons as one of the Most Influential Designers of the Last Decade. And also, the photo series by Yves Borgwardt, who traveled to Thailand to capture the Hawaiian shirt in all its glory.

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