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Make yourself at home

I'm counting down the days to the big move. Yes, my better half and I bought a house! I still can't get my head around it. It's such a huge step, making me wonder: am I really, truly ready for it? Do I have everything covered? Can we still plan that road trip throughout West USA anytime soon? Or will all of our savings be going to decorating our new home? Which, by the way, is totally fine with me. I'm an interior maniac. Ever since we signed that small official piece of paper, I've been pinning like crazy. I even collected some Pinterest pictures of toilets, to see how to decorate around them. Mad, uh?

Now, my dear readers, let me tell you this: pinning is easy. Finding the right furniture and accessories that are completely to your taste, that's something else. I could buy all the expensive fancy schmancy stuff and claim it's an investment for life. But then I would be lying through my teeth. Give me three years, less or more, and I'm already kinda sick of it.

But since we can't predict the future, I present to you my current favorites. And also, if you can think of some cool interior (web)shops, Scandinavian style, do let me know. You'll have my eternal gratitude.

Check out my full Pinterest board here!


  1. You surely don't have a lack of inspiration!

  2. @Kensingway: thx! Like I said: pinning is easy ;-).

  3. Amai Jolien, dat ziet er al heel mooi uit, die idee├źn! Ben er zeker van dat je van dat nieuwe huis je echte thuis zal maken en dat het er net zo mooi zal uitzien als hierboven! -x- Leen


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