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Le Typographe

As a copywriter/journalist I just love playing with words. So it's only natural that I also find myself drawn to all sorts of typography. And it seems I'm not the only one. Go check your Pinterest buddies and count how many of them have a board titled 'Typography' or something similar. Wanna bet you'll need all ten fingers, even doubled or tripled? I don't know what it is about type design lately. I could swear that a couple of years ago there wasn't even half as much interest for the matter as there is today. Which is a good thing of course, the more the merrier.

Well, to all of you typo lovers out there, I present to you: Le Typographe, a letterpress studio in Brussels, set up by C├ędric Chauvelot. Five years ago the young Frenchman started printing business cards for his clients with typographic techniques. Two years later he also began to create stationery products, which are now being sold in the rest of Europe, Japan and the US.

Le Typograph's printing technique - with leaden and wooden characters - is based on the principle of relief to create rich varieties in tone and texture. The result? Top quality craftsmanship, printed on Heidelberg presses and always highly personalized. You could even get special notepads in your own colors. How geeky cool is that?

// all images via Le Typographe //

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