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Greta x Band of Outsiders

I'm not easily offended when people call me a girly girl. I loooooove fashion to the bone, it's as easy as pie. But that doesn't mean I like every big campaign that flashes before my eyes. On the contrary, tons of make-up, perfectly styled hair and models who look too freakin' good to be true (photoshop people, photoshop), have the inverse effect on me. When reading a magazine, I tend to flip those pages over quicker than a cowboy in the wild wild west would take out his gun.

This is going to sound like a cliché, but I have a thing for small productions. Or big productions that at least appear to be small. So let's start the weekend with one hell of a tip. Take a look at the SS13 campaign from Band of Outsiders, starring indie actress Greta Gerwig at the Hollywood Sports Paintball Park. With these particular advertisements, it was the authentic old skool vibe that wowed me over. It's like browsing through your grandmother's family album. Just glance at the polaroid pictures and this fabulous behind-the-scenes video. You'll get my point.

// all images via the label's Tumblr //

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