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These are things

I like the possibility that love can turn into something more. I know usually it's the other way around, but what the heck. For Jen Adrion and Omar Noory it all began when they met in art school and fell in love. After graduating the super talented couple started to travel and dreamed about all the other places they'd like to see someday. To visualize their wanderlust, they decided to create their own modern version of a world map. And guess what, they kicked ass.

For the past three years, Jen and Omar are not just lovers, but also business partners and the creative brain behind These are Things. These modern cartographers found a way to make a living crafting their own maps in their minimalistic studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Such a cool idea, to build a new business on an old science. Don't you agree? It all just makes me a little sad that my boyfriend and I don't share the same deep passion for travel, art and geeky things. We could have been the new Bonnie & Clyde, sitting on top of the world! - don't worry, I don't mean it in a let's-rob-a-bank-together kinda way :-).

Anyway, getting back to Jen and Omar: make also sure to visit their blog Making it!, a record of their adventures in mapmaking and - in my humble opinion - an inspiration for all young entrepreneurs out there. And often funny, too.

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  1. Ja hé, Hannelore. Jammer dat ze er geen van Leuven city hebben. Zou mij meteen eentje bestellen dan :-).


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