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The wolf in me

I usually head over to Antwerp for two reasons: 1) I'm in desperate need for some good old morning-to-evening shopping, or 2) I'm having a coffee klatch with a locally based designer. This time however, I had another mission: showing you guys my style in what will be my first outfit post. It won't be the first of many, I guess. I don't like having my picture taken. Besides, I have other plans with this blog... But every now and then I'll give you a sneak peek in my dearly beloved closet.
Prior to my little walk in the park, I stopped by the new atelier of Sofie Claes, in her own words: a place to fit, experience and purchase your favorite collection piece. And oh boy, did I ever. I learned about her WOLF. By Sofie Claes collection at the FFI Contemporary Fashion Days in October and I assure you: it was love at first sight. One look at her minimalistic, geometric shapes and timeless designs, and I want to break my piggy bank as we speak. Plus, her spring collection is even better!
Sofie's vision is to create clothes that reinforce the personality of the woman who wears them: "She stands out in the crowd as a strong, creative human being with a sense of nostalgia and a sparkle of mystery. She is inspiring, but has her feet firmly on the ground."

So, what do you reckon: does her discription fit my pictures?

iWear: sweater + trousers - WOLF. By Sofie Claes // coat - Rebecca // scarf + shoes - Essentiel // bag - Sasha


  1. Wauw, wat mooi! Ik heb me al vaak vergaapt op haar collecties en lookbooks, maar dit is denk ik de eerste keer dat ik haar stukken eens 'in het echt' mag aanschouwen.
    (Fijn trouwens, nog een Leuvense blogger!)

  2. Bedankt, Hannelore! Ik ben ook helemaal weg van haar ontwerpen, en: ze zitten ook fantastisch. Een win-win :-).

  3. Ooh ik hou van WOLF! Mooi gecombineerd ook!

  4. Oh zo tof dat je de broek ook hebt! Ik heb de trui ook! Haha jeej, goeie smaak ;) En ze zitten geweldig!


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