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No Simons, no Dior!

I'm always super excited to find out that one of our Belgian designers blew the fashion world away. I once wrote an entire thesis about them, so don't be surprised if you see some names pop up quite regularly on this blog. These days, it seems that all eyes are set on Raf Simons and his outstanding work for Dior. I couldn't be more siked about that.
I can still remember it as if it were yesterday: me obsessively reading Veerle Windels' Young Belgian Fashion, all portraits of young designers who were destined for more. That was in 2006. Raf Simons immediately caught my eye - I have a soft spot for designers who learned the fashion ropes all by themselves. His style is precise, incisive, rigorous and even almost architectural.

As for his brand new Dior ready-to-wear FW collection, Simons took a trip down memory lane. Peplums, embroidered black leather, ultra feminine A-line dresses, ... Long story short: perfection.

By the way: did you recognize Belgian top model Elise Crombez in the third picture?

// all images via catwalkpictures //

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