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Ich bin ein Berliner

Man, my feet hurt. That was my overall conclusion after visiting Berlin with my mom and sister last month. I'm a big fan of the subway when I'm on a citytrip, it's the easiest and fastest way to get from A to B. Period. But this time we were determined to do it all on foot. Even though the weather pretty much sucked the entire weekend, plus everyone had warned me in advance: Berlin is almost nine times bigger than Paris, you silly goose.

Puh, little did they know we are three well-trained city hikers :-). If you don't believe me, check out all the cool shops, coffee bars, book stores and museums we visited. On foot!
Lunch @ Babanbè: go for the Meatball Madness sandwich. Delicious!
Great interior goodies @ Marron Berlin in the heart of Mitte. Hay all the way.
I didn't stay at the Michelberger Hotel (that's for my next Berlin visit), but I did stop for a cup of fruit tea and enjoyed the rest of Friedrichshain, an upcoming and arty neighbourhood with still a big part of the wall in the MĂĽhlenstrasse.
You'll have to come to Berlin to taste the best New York cheesecake ever! @ Princess Cheesecake
Rather looking for a bite of culture? Then the Museum der Dinge in the Kreuzberg district is definitely worth a stop. Located on the top floor of a typical apartment block, this quirky museum hides some real treasures in modern design from the 19th century onwards. Think: hairbrushes, old radios, fondue sets and beach souvenirs.
Potipoti in Mitte offers a range of German and Spanish clothing labels, as well as a compact selection of books, magazines, records and jewellery. Also a must for fans of geometric motifs, refined knitwear and printed scarves with a touch of folklore.
Keep your eyes wide open for some cool art, lurking behind every street corner.
Local vodka, well-manufactured brands and books: Yolo Store at the Torstrasse knows his way around goofy combinations. Btw: check out the awesome typography on the bottles.
Katja Will, the designer behind the label C'est tout, is French at heart. Visit her store and you'll get a pretty good impression of the Parisian way of style.
If you're looking for a great mix of design, pop culture, creativity and good craftmanship, Voo Store is the ultimate place to be. You can easily wander here for hours, discovering new brands, gadgets, magazines and notebooks.
@Westberlin, one of the best coffee bars in the city.

// A special thanks to Stephanie Duval aka 70percentpure for the awesome tips in her Connections' Berlin city guide //


  1. glad you got to visit so many of my favorite spots! hope you left some for your next trip ;)

  2. No worries, still a dozen coffee bars on my list, and at least twice as many shops :-)


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