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A girl and her dickers

I'm an icon. Hey, it's not me who's claiming that. The Icon shop said so... And truth to be told: ever since I bought my own pair of Isabel Marant dicker boots I kinda feel like an icon. I'm not a huge fan of the wedge sneaker (for me it's one or the other), but I just had to have the super chic and comfy dicker boots. For orthopedic reasons of course ;-).
Needless to say I went for black - for those who don't really know me that well: I always seem to end up with a lot of grey and black in my closet. But now, I'm so tempted to get myself another pair. In camel or taupe. Yeah, not the best news for my wallet. Maybe I'd better put these babies to the citytrip test first. Berlin, here I come! (seriously: I'm heading off today, yesssss!)

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