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Un coup de KOKO

'Please, can I live here?', was my first reaction when entering KOKO Coffee & Design, somewhere in the middle of the Red District in Amsterdam. For a coffee/fashion junkie like me this place is heaven with a capital H. The interior is just phenomenal, with magazines lying around, beautiful vintage chairs, and also some very practical build-it-yourself tables from a Dutch company called Fraaiheid. Before sitting down and ordering my flat white, I had already tried on this fabulous ochre blouse from the Dutch designer Femke Agema. Her signature style? Colorful and playful aesthetics. I'll tell you a bit more about her clothes in one of my next posts.

A little note about the coffee now: it was divine (and believe me, I've had my fair share of caffeine before). The lovely Caroline - one of the two enthusiastic KOKO owners - told me the daily fresh roasted coffee beans are made by Caffènation Antwerp. Cool uh, the fact that we Belgians are about everywhere? Oh by the way: can I suggest a slice of delicious banana cake to go with it?

// images via KOKO or my own //


  1. Love your review!

    1. Thx, Joanna! You should definitely check it out whenever you're in Amsterdam.


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